Trails Camera Highlights,Floodlights,Downlights.

Posted on Tue September 15, 2020.

Sunset, end of a day. Or is it? For us it almost is. For nocturnal animals its their 'sunrise'.

As we turn in and drift off to sleep, bedside lamp switches off...its time for the night shift to do what they do best - forage,hunt, explore and protect their territory with minimal light conditions.

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Posted on Tue September 15, 2020.

We couldn't wait to check the Trails camera (thanks Julian) - we set it up by the boma!First thing in the morning we downloaded the pics to see who came to visit while we were sleeping!

Stachelschwein to the Germans ( Sticky - pig ), Ystervark In Afrikaans,ingungumbane to the Zulu,Porcupine to the English! Whatever language - they're cool.

There are two trees close together - one is a big leafy Natal Mohogany which the Vervet Monkeys sleep in during the night - the porcupines have been nibbling on the bark and roots of the tree every few nights for years, Porcupines can live 12 - 15 years in the wild.They lie on their tummys too get in a comfy position for this - the main course.

For dessert there is a Marula tree right next to the Mohogany, dropping delish fruit daily now.

What a pleasure!

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Following the clues.

Posted on Mon September 14, 2020 in Wildlife.

We had a report of a drag mark across the road, always interresting and worth following up on. We came across the drag line. An impala had been killed within the the last hour. The time now was 16h00. The drag mark was 10 to 15cm wide and across the width of the sand road .We could see there was a small pool of blood in the grass on the right hand side too...

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