Leopard Conservation

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In March 2020 we partnered with Leopard Con to document and profile leopards in our area.This NPO strives to protect leopards in South Africa.


The leopards we film on the Night Night channel are studied and spot patterns identified. We cast molds of their spoor and create a 3D model using software developed for the police on crime scenes. A good track in medium hard, slightly wet soil is the best.


Leopard Con sponsors cameras and provides logistical support. As our individual leopard profiles develop, we hope to discover more about their community and genealogy. 

Together we work to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of Leopards. 50 % of profits on Leopard Curios in our Curio Shop and profits from our Bushwalk Activities - go directly to Leopard Con. 


Click on this logo to find out more about Leopard Con, what they do and how to donate directly to this important cause.




        Tel: +27 846096429        /    +27 741044757

Lot 65, Guernsey Road, Guernsey, Klaserie,Limpopo.

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